Music Industry is becoming another extension of Film Industry these days: Soumita Saha

When it comes to romancing with music, ‘Mein Shahrukh ki female version hoon’ Singer Soumita Saha.

Published On: 2018-03-08

March 5,2018-Singer Soumita Saha, who recently made her International Debut with the song Ishq is unfazed about its success. According to her, it was a small attempt to add few bits of love to the Valentine's Week, but it yielded enormously positive results. It was released on February 1 and has been downloaded more than 1.5lac times since then. The song's popularity can be gauged from the fact that it was also played on several International Radio Stations across countries. It has been released by famous LoudDj Records from Miami, United States and is available for download on several music streaming services including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Beatport and Saavn. The song crossed record number of downloads this 28th February.


In an candid Interview, the firebrand singer Soumita Saha opens up about the song and its inception. Below are the excerpts:


1.The name 'Ishq' sounds romantic! Are you a romantic person youself 
I consider myself a below-average student of romance. (Laughs) But I don't want to deprive people from my honest opinion. If you give your 100% dedication to music, it becomes the 'Ishq' of your life. When it comes to romancing with music, 'Mein Sharukh ki female version hoon' (I am the female version of SRK).


2. What does Soumita Saha listen to every day?

Well, naming just one song would be difficult, but I surely listen to Enrique Iglesias’ songs everyday. My daily routine is incomplete without listening to his song ‘Hero’. Some of Tagore’s songs rule my playlist too.

3. Now that you have worked with an International record label, do you feel any kind of pressure to deliver a hit every time you go to recording studio?

Yes, the pressure exists but that kind of pressure has got a positive aspect too and any pressure that's positive is certainly good for me and I very well enjoy it. Working with International    record labels was certainly something that enhanced my confidence and I don't feel recording studio pressure any longer. Since my teenage days, I have been assisting my father in music arrangements and compositions as well, therefore recording studios are like a second home          to me .

4. Who was your inspiration for getting into this singing industry?

My Parents. My father is a renowned Rabindrasangeet exponent and it was he who originally inspired me to explore every genre of music I could relate to. He encouraged me to spread my wings of creativity. My mother is also associated with the entertainment world. She works as         a part time critic. Being the daughter of a critic, I have always been aware of my strengths and weaknesses.


5. Who are some artists that you look up to and have learned from?

Vidushi, Kaushiki Chakraborty Desikan, Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesious and Mohit Chauhan are some of my favorite artists and I have learnt a lot from them. Kaushiki Chakraborty belongs to Patiala Gharana of Indian Classical music. She is equally amazing with semi classical playback numbers. Her versatility is praise worthy and this makes her every newcomer’s inspiration.            I have also been a Celine Dion fan since childhood. My kind of music is something where      melody is the backbone. Needless to say Dion is a melody queen. Expression plays            indispensably significant role in music and Enrique is undoubtedly the king of expressions.             I love Mohit Chauhan's songs too.

His songs have quintessential  western touch that blends so perfectly with tunes of root. This kind of versatility is assuredly infrequent.


6.What is your opinion about the fact that the respective music industries seem to be the default source of music in our country? There aren't many successful pop artists who create albums anymore. Do you see this trend returning?

Music is a vast concept, it is a religion. It is sad to see music Industry becoming another extension of Film Industry these days. Independent artists also focus on cover and remix trend these days.    I wish independent artists came up with songs like Alisha Chinoy’s Made in India. I am not going to say Pop artists do not focus on Albums any longer. Some of them are definitely hitting the right chords, but the problem lies elsewhere.Those amazing songs are not reaching Indian audience     in the right way. From Radio Stations to popular Music TV Channels, all of them are interested in allocating majority of slots to Filmy Songs.Therefore,it is becoming absolutely difficult for Album songs to reach audience.

When we were in school, Euphoria's songs and music videos used to be the topic of discussions. During the advent of Band Music in our country, I have seen bands performing Euphoria's Songs on stage. During Inter school band competitions, Euphoria songs gave tough competition to other songs. But these days a song is recognized more by the name of the movie it belongs to. Honestly, I don’t see the Album trend returning. But yes, people still appreciate good singles.  Gajendra Verma’s Emptiness proved this point, a couple of years ago. I wasn't expecting too much from my song Ishq. Good work still manages to hit the right chord.

7.What is your process when you go about creating a new music composition score? Also, who are some artists that you look up to and have learned from?

Since my teenage days, I have been assisting my father in music arrangements and compositions. I believe that the process of working on a new composition needs a lot of dedication. For me lyrics plays a very important role. Lyrics decides what kind of inclination the tune requires.Take melancholy for instance, melancholy without the use of komal gandhar is a lot like taking a fish out of water.


8. What do people close to you call you? Any nicknames? Also, what's your favorite food?

 My parents call me ‘Mum’,It is a common nickname you’ll find among Bengali girls .

Kuhu is the nickname used by most of my close friends and relatives. Some of our relatives and friends call me Soumi too. My fans nicknamed me "Emptiness Girl" couple of years ago when      my compilation of ‘Tere Bina-Emptiness III’ went viral. Now I think I would be called "Ishq Girl" (Laughs).

I am a passionate foodie. My friends often say "your choice of food also shows unity in diversity just like your music" (laughs). I love authentic Bengali cuisines that includes Bhetki Paturi and Aaloo Posto. Kolkata style Biriyani and Galuti Kabab are also included in my list of favourites. I also love Italian cuisines. My father says,  if I share mixed sauce pasta with a man,      he is probably the man I’m gonna marry (laughs).


9.What is best compliment you have received so far?
Every compliment I receive for my performance is special to me and picking one as the best would be partiality towards my audience and I love them all. But a compliment I received recently is interesting indeed. Somebody recently appreciated one of my music video and suggested me to try acting (giggles


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According to her, it was a small attempt to add few bits of love to the Valentine's Week, but it yielded enormously positive results. It was released on February 1 and has been downloaded more than 1.5lac times since then.
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